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  • Welcome to Yangzhou Guoxing Technology Co., Ltd [official website]
    About Guoxing Focus on R&D and production of plasma treatment system

    Yangzhou Guoxing Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Jiangdu, Yangzhou in 2019 under the guidance of government industrial policies. Yangzhou Guoxing is a high-tech company that integrates research and development, production, and sales. It is committed to providing customers with plasma etching and surface cleaning equipment, as well as supporting the sales of electronic additives. Our products are mainly used in the manufacturing fields of semiconductors (chips and packaging), panels and camera modules, electronic circuit boards, automobiles, medical and cosmetics, etc. Our customers include top-notch electronic manufacturing enterprises such as Sunrise, Hushi Electronics, Agilent, Meiwei, Shanghai Zhanhua, Jianding, Jingwang, Zixiang, Jialianyi, Baicheng, Tongyang, and Crystal Optoelectronics

    The founding team of the company consists of a doctoral team and a professional technical team, with more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the field of equipment and electronic manufacturing. Our innovative project "Continuous Plasma Etching Wire and Nanocarbon Film Treatment System" won the special prize in the first "Jiangdu Cup" China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2019, and received a government equity investment of 10 million yuan. In 2020, we also won the first prize in the Yangzhou Selection Competition of the 8th Jiangsu Province Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

    We will always maintain a keen observation of the market, based on technological innovation, and contribute our modest efforts to the development of intelligent manufacturing in Jiangdu, Yangzhou, and our motherland, achieving the goal of "national rejuvenation of technology, technological rejuvenation of the country"! We will also leverage our team's intelligence and work hard to achieve our mission of making electronic manufacturing simpler

    Practice experience of core personnel
    R&D, technology, operation team
    Large-scale production base
    National patent certificate, test certificate
    Advanced processing equipment
    Core Team The founding team consists of a team of veterans and PhDs
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      Chen Peifeng PhD

      2006 University of Regensburg, Germany, PhD in Experimental and Applied Physics

      Former Senior R&D Manager of TTM Group

      Member of the National Printed Circuit Committee

      In 2013, won the title of leader of scientific and technological innovation in Songjiang Industrial Zone, Shanghai

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      Cheng Fanxiong PhD

      2005 Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ph.D in Metal Materials

      Former senior R&D director of TTM Group, electronic chemical technology expert

      In 2017, received funding from the Gusu Angel and Kunshan Angel government

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      Liu Qingfeng Post-doc
      R&D Manager

      Ph.D. in Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2000, post-doctorate at Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003, and professor-level researcher at Shanghai Institute of Silicon in 2010

      Expert in materials science, circuit board and semiconductor process technology

      Won in 2018 Gusu "Double Innovation" Leading Talent Title

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      Luo Liang Mr
      Vice President

      Since 1998, I have been engaged in related work in the field of integrated circuits

      Have more than 20 years of experience in integrated circuit production and operation

      I have been engaged in senior management work in the world’s top circuit board companies

      Have rich industry-related experience and customer relationships

    Product Center Committed to providing customers with plasma etching and surface cleaning equipment, and supporting sales of electronic additives
    Guoxing 5 Big Advantages ISO9001 certification to ensure product quality and provide quality services
    01Powerful Enterprise Endorsement
    Yangzhou Guoxing is guided by the government's industrial policy and has received 10 million yuan in equity investment from the government.
    The founding team consists of a team of veterans and PhDs, and has a complete R&D system.
    The founding team has been deeply involved in the field of equipment and electronics manufacturing for nearly two decades.
    02Unique product selling points
    Plasma surface treatment can change the microstructure of the material and improve the surface performance of the material itself. Improve the surface adhesion ability to ensure the reliability and durability of surface adhesion. Equity investment.
    Our innovative project "Continuous Plasma Etching Line and Nano Carbon Film Processing System" won the special prize of the first "Jiangdu Cup" China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2019, and won the government's 10 million equity investment.
    03Strong R&D system
    Guoxing Technology is a high-tech company established by a team of doctors, specializing in plasma cleaning technology solutions and equipment research and development, production, sales and promotion. It has a complete research and development system and nearly 10 years of plasma technology experience.
    04Support non-standard customization
    Guoxing plasma surface treatment machine has a complete range of products, and can provide customers with a series of high-efficiency and high-quality plasma surface treatment solutions for free according to the actual application of various industries.
    05Service Intimate and thoughtful
    A professional service team is equipped to provide customers with thoughtful services from sample analysis, to free proofing samples, product processing, and even process development and after-sales services. Product lifelong maintenance, free door-to-door installation and commissioning, and regular return visits.
    solution Ph.D. senior technical team, 20 years of industry research
    Honor Won the first prize of the Yangzhou Trial of the 8th Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2020
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    Yangzhou Guoxing Technology Co., Ltd
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    Add:No. 6 Factory Building, No. 63 Chenxiang Group, 309 County Road, Daqiao Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City (Yangzhou Factory)
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